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Mar 16, 2010 by

me and the kids went to the mall the other day (and every time i get home, i think to myself, “why? why did i ever do that?”) to do a couple returns. elias is a big fan of camp bucky, and i am a big fan of shopping alone. we can’t, of course, ALL get what we want, now can we? so i told elias we could pack a lunch and play on the slide at camp bucky if he cooperated while mom went to 2 stores. easier said than done since some random nonsense kept me in old navy for an eternity. i feel like the only time i get held up in a store is when i’m trying to just get in and get out. ahhh, the irony. he and piper were SO well behaved (this is not always the case. my kids mostly hate any shopping experience that lasts over 1 hour.) and because they were ΓΌber-patient in the store (unlike me), i treated them to a photo shoot in a photo booth (after they had run around like wild animals for 10 minutes), which blew their minds. they though it was so fascinating and hilarious, which made for a positive ending to what could have been a debacle of a day.

and now i have the perfect photo to keep in my mom purse to show if for some reason i’m out and about without them (gasp).

hey, it could happen.


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