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(this is me. prancing with the birds in the sunshine. because sun=joy, don’t you know?!)
we had a great day yesterday. yes, the mere sight of the sun is like a magic drug that makes us all inexplicably glad and positive and excited. my guess is it’s most likely because we were created to be in the sun absorbing all that marvelous vitamin D. we were NOT created to be inside. that’s why when we are inside, we are mad. and we want to be outside. it’s the magic drug calling our name. so let me talk about why i’m high on vitamin D and love everything right now, especially yesterday and today.
1) this goes without saying, but: the weather…is…warm!

2) elias got to play at the playground at watson pond with his buddy aidan (and run around with sticks. and throw pine cones. good times!)

3) which meant that i got to hang out with yvette and chat (i had an adult conversation! with another mother! who’s fabulous and pregnant, too! and i mostly kept an eye on my kids!)

4) and meant piper got to follow aidan around and make girly eyes at him. she might have been even happier than elias to see aidan :)

5) when i got home, i realized i got a little color on my face and chest. and i kept catching myself doing double takes like ‘why am i pink?’ and then i’d remember…and my heart was glad.
6) i got to take a nap. so maybe elias was knocking over lamps and jumping on the bed. i still fell asleep a couple times i think!
7) i spend some time in the backyard raking and realized my tulips were trying to push up through all the wet piles ofBold leaves. tulips and lilacs are my faves and i want nothing more than vases all over my house filled with freshly cut flowers.
8) i was happy to rake. and yes, i was wearing a skirt. that’s how i roll.
9) dave snuck home long enough for us to all go out and pick out some more paint swatches at home depot and get fried food for dinner (that’s what baby wanted. gotta give ’em what they want!)
10) it was still light out after dinner!
11) i gave the kids a bath and read in bed while they splashed water all over the place. i’m reading point of impact, a stephen hunter book with bob lee swagger, the legendary sniper. (perhaps you remember the movie “shooter” with mark wahlberg. it was loosely based on this book.)
12) the kids went to bed, and i read in bed until dave got home. and then read some more. i didn’t touch the dishes, i didn’t clean the toy room, i didn’t put the laundry away. i just…relaxed.
13) oh. and i’m PREGNANT! woo-hoo!

today is going to be another great day. i’m taking take eli and pip to the playground in west bridgewater to meet up with lee/cadie/jax/madie, and then i have the honor of helping to pick some paint colors for brockton christian. i LOVE paint. but, i’m sure you know that by now.
so what about you? is this sunshine making you all nutty happy cuckoo, too?

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  1. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    i am in LOVE with spring!!!