that’s cool…right?

Mar 25, 2010 by

that’s cool…right?

so maybe i did sleep longer than piper this afternoon.


while elias read a book about sports champions and changed his outfit 5 times.
and maybe even after piper had woken up, i fell asleep again.
for an hour.
while elias honed his babysitting skills. (he’s about old enough…right?)
and watched, i don’t know, hannah montana or something on the disney channel that was totally not age-appropriate. (i’ll have to talk to him about making better choices for the kids he’s watching…geez.)

and maybe all i want to eat is bacon cheeseburgers every day.

and french fries.
or mozzarella sticks.

oh yeah- and donuts.
i mean, i don’t eat them every day.
but i would. and i want to.
that’s cool…uhh, right?
i feel like pregnancy is this force to be reckoned with. and it makes you okay with things like ignoring your children so you can sleep in the middle of the day. or eating things that clog your arteries and worse.
and this force…is almost unstoppable.

what have you seen, heard, or experienced with “the force”?
c’mon, share. it will make me feel better :)


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  1. Danielle

    hell yes, i recognize. my sleep patterns are outta this world messed up. and i offer you this tip of unhealthiness – market basket honey dip donut.

  2. Jessi

    Well, when I was pregnant I constantly went to McDonalds. What did I order? Something called "the big and tasty". Does that sound disgusting? Yes. But I wanted it, don't even remember what was on it. With Benj I at ice cream LITERALLY every night for dinner. You can see almost every bowl in my ass now:)

    I took a nap EVERY day pregnant with Glory, literally every day – with Elias from like 4-6. Such a weird baby nap time. Then usually Nick would feed Elias dinner, put him to bed, I'd wake up & eat dinner and go back to bed at like 8pm.

    She took it out of me then and well, she still does:)

  3. michelle

    lol, thank you, girls! i feel better already. i'm alarmed at how quickly everything has changed! i think i almost take a nap every day. and HAVE to. but elias doesn't nap anymore, so i'm like 'hey, do whatever. just be silent. ok?'

    lol, i bet the big and tasty is just what it says it is :) and it makes me…want one.

    i think elias and elias would make a great babysitting team. except that they don't stand a chance against the glory's. oh well! group nap anyway!

  4. jim

    i totally ate big and tasty's when i was pregnant, too–ALL THE TIME!

    i couldn't make it home on my commuute without hoarking on the side of the road unless i stopped to eat a kids' meal, which i did, nearly every day.

    i attribute my lack of hoarking the second time around to the daily napping regiment that i adhered to with near-religious zeal. mama's gotta sleep–don't feel guilty!