whoa, baby.

Mar 31, 2010 by

just a little peek at the belly.
please ignore the heinous wallpaper in my bathroom.
(i literally can’t even talk about it. it’s hunter green and maroon. which makes me want to barf even more than this pregnancy. and that’s saying something…)

also note the child throwing a royal fit over not being able to hold the camera exactly when she wanted to.

isn’t that face awesome?!
(so are you as alarmed as i am that my belly is this big when i’m 8 weeks pregnant?! or is it just me?)
whoa, baby.

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  1. Leigh


    And how do not laugh at her adorable face when she is throwing a fit?

  2. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    you're adorable:) upside: maybe you'll bypass the puffy/i don't look pregnant i look chubby phase altogether.

    with my second pregnancy, strangers were telling me in my seventh month i looked like i was ready to go. awesome.

  3. Anonymous

    hee hee… Piper's face… I hope she doesn't get her face stuck like that from crying so much. ;)

    -Auntie Grace

  4. lizziegal20

    8 weeks and such a baby bump already?!?! Hmmmm… :)