one more

Apr 14, 2010 by

one more

okay- one more for the pink team:

charleston, and call her “charlie”
i always loved the nickname charlie for a girl (i love any boy name for a girl, really), and i really loved charlotte. dave, however, could not be convinced to get on board with that one, so i named ian and elya’s daughter charlotte instead. she’s a little beauty i can squeeze all the time, so it’s as if the name was never lost. (love you, charlotte!)
so let’s go, people. let me hear some names!

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  1. Leigh

    Charleston Stratton, sounds like a princess and I love it! of course we live way to close to Charleston to ever name a child that but I think it is adorable.

    Here are a few names I love that aren't on our list (not that it really matters since we live pretty far away, I doubt our kids will ever be sharing classrooms or anything :) )

    Girls: Hazel, Annabelle, Camilla (Cam or Cami), Ruth (Ruthie), Naomi, Lilah, Delilah (which you could call lilah), McKenna (Mac), Lucia, Emaline, Evangeline (Evie), Kinley,

    Boys: Camden (Cam) , Maddox, Sawyer, Abel (Abe), Ezra, Silas,

    and somehow I still have more. Now you know why it took me so long to figure out names for our kids, we have 3 boy names and 4 girl names so I think we are set for the moment! you will find the perfect name for you little one, don't worry :)

  2. emmy.

    My unborn daughter has a boy's name!

  3. KAndrews

    I personally have always loved the name Stella but Zac would die before I named our kid that! You could do Danielle, Dani for short or Charlene or Charleston.

  4. WitchyEditor

    Charleston makes me think of Charleston Chew but if you're going for the candy connection why not Snickers or Peppermint Patty. J/k. Charlie is adorable for a girl.

    Omg Annabelle Stratton. that's too cute. ooh and Stella Stratton. That has stage performer written all over it.

  5. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    i want to have another girl just so i can name her isla. love, love, love!

    really like ophelia, but the whole drowning thing is a bummer;)

    i also like brooke, harper, naomi, viva, corinne, aimee, ella, noa, anjali, mckenna, leala, dahlia…

    how 'bout shalom, called shea/shay?

    my sister wants to name a baby hephzibah ("my delight is in her") and call her zibby…

  6. Nick

    Jess and I got married in Charleston.

  7. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    dude, i misinterpreted one more for the pink team to mean you were having a girl;)

    i LOVE biblical boys' names: isaiah, caleb, joel, james, jacob, luke, nathaniel, aaron, asa, abram, benjamin, micah, daniel, david, ephraim, isaac, joshua, jesse, levi, matthias, noah…

    phineas was a hebrew name before it was an irish one…if you really wanted a little finn/phin?:)

    my parents actually know an ebenezer ("God is my help") who goes by eben:)