piper’s sweet mullet

Apr 1, 2010 by

the other day, piper and i were watching a little ellen on tivo while i folded some laundry. we’re both big fans of ellen. all the funny…all the silly…all the dancing. oh, and of course, her new shorter hair. she’s great.
piper was playing with her baby listening to idol castoff alex lambert…
(loved him, by the way. he sounds just like ray lamontagne. mad about him getting voted off. not mad enough to vote myself, but…)
so anyway, piper was digging his soul …

“dance, baby, dance!”

and as i was watching, i was thinking about alex’s hair and this hair of my daughters…

and i realized, “wow, piper and alex have the very same hair-do…”

they both have sweet mullets.

now i know a lot of people feel like this about mullets:

but i never could rock that t-shirt because her mullet makes such adorable ponytails!

and itty bitty teeny tiny BRAIDS!

i officially dig piper’s sweet mullet. and oddly, it makes me like sweet alex lambert’s mullet, too.

but i do wish the all business on top would grow a little longer so i wouldn’t HAVE to do her hair every day :)

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  1. danielle

    honestly, thats a sweet hair cut for those pigtails. she rocks it!

  2. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    so funny. i've been trimming d's little fem-mullet for a while and never even considered it could be fashioned into lil baby 'do's. oh well;)