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Apr 13, 2010 by

well, a baby name blog has been requested by a couple of you over the past weeks, and let’s be honest: i like to give the people what they want :) and WHO doesn’t like to talk about baby names?! (answer: no one)

this go ’round, baby naming is much harder. i guess because our first name picks, elias and piper, were such clear cut front runners. we had both their names picked out before i even knew i was having a boy. truth is, we didn’t have many favorites to begin with, so we’re now left with a much shorter list. and we’ve not added many names to it since we made it 5 years ago (yes. i’m picky. i’m opinionated. what of it?)
after two kids, finding another name that fits the group is kind of tricky. i feel like eli and piper’s names are both a little unique and somehow similar in feel, so i’m not about to name baby 3 something that doesn’t, well, fit. so that’s one more thing to complicate what is becoming one very tough job. who ever though finding a name could prove so difficult?
i like sharing baby names. some people keep it a secret, which i think is cool (but i never could), and some people don’t like sharing because they don’t like people’s reactions. but me? i don’t give a hoot what someone else thinks. it’s my kid, and i can name it whatever the heck i want. so i really don’t care if everyone (or anyone) likes it. you should have heard my dad react to the name piper. maybe that’s why he still calls her penelope (hilarious, and yet unfortunate, because i like the name penelope, too. and i love the nickname penny…)
i’m very particular about names, and i have way too many parameters. here’s where i get a little crazy. are you worried? or curious?

1) the name we choose most likely cannot end in “-on”, “-en”, “-in” or “-an” because none of those sound very good with stratton. there may be exceptions to this rule. maybe.
2) nicknames are important. if there is no nickname, it’s probably not going to work.
3) i’d prefer that it not end in “-as” or “-er” (like elias and piper). i’d like them to all sound different.
4) i don’t like names that i hear all the time, but i don’t do wacky, invented, or bizarre names. like “faranfalli” or “wardionne”. (c’mon, are they for REAL?!)
5) middle names are just as important as first names. i already have a unisex middle name with great significance, but i cannot divulge just yet. you’ll have to wait for it. dave and i agree that one of the names ought to have some significance or meaning, eg, no naming my kids after soap opera stars or anything ;)
that said, i’ll share some of our short list. ready?!
elouise- and i’d call her “lou”. LOVE.
lula- not sure if i love it, but it would be cute with a middle name like “jane” or something.
ophelia- elya suggested this one (in jest, i think), but i love “opie”. it’s on the list.
malcolm or maxwell- we love “max”, but what do you call malcolm for short?!
hatcher or thatcher- “thatch” and “hatch”. like.
atticus- dave and i always loved this one. but “atti” sounds too similar to “madey” and “matty”. not so much…
jude or judah- still like these ones. and jude i like even without a nickname (gasp).
asher- but can you call him “ash”? is it too feminine? undecided on this one. plus it’s an “-er”, so…
truth is, i adore elouise, but i do no yet adore any boy names. here’s where you come in. i need name help, BIG TIME. i want them all and i want you to keep your ear to the ground between now and november for anything that i can use.

the fate of my third child…rests on you.

(no pressure)

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  1. Leigh

    okay so i know a little girl they call lou, not positive what her given name is but she is PRECIOUS! and I love the name Asher, obviously not great for our brown kids but i love it. And Maxwell.

  2. Knittinyahoo

    weeelll…my vote is NOT for Jude or Judah, since that is OUR future boy name….= ) how about Dexter? And I like Ophelia too…= )

  3. Auntie Nik

    I beg of you… no Malcolm! Stop that!
    Caley votes for Atticus,
    (although it sounds to me like a good name for a trouble-maker) and she wants to know what happened to Finn….
    I like Elouise… different, pretty, and I am still putting in my vote for Eliot… I think it sounds good with your secret middle name!

  4. WitchyEditor

    I completely vote for Asher because I've always loved "Ash" as a nickname.

    Asher Stratton sounds kind of like royalty too =) It's a strong name.

    I like Lula but how about Mae as the middle name? Lula Mae Stratton. Does it sound too southern?

  5. michelle

    i know, finn was in the runnings with elias back in the day. but i can't find a longer name that doesn't sound really really irish for me to use (eg, finley and finnigan) so i could have finn as the nickname. i did like finneas. but that one caught a LOT of flack for being weird, and even i wondered if i was too strange. five years later it doesn't strike me as odd anymore, though. i tend to feel like finn stratton is too simple…
    i do like eliot, too, nik. it's growing on me more and more. is it too similar to elias, though??
    haha, lula mae is cute…and yes, maybe a touch southern. maybe if i name her that, i can say ya'll. i really want to be able to say ya'll…