things i don’t want to talk about

Apr 29, 2010 by

i don’t want to talk about, ie, blog about (and yet, here i am?):
how tired i am.
how busy the past few weeks have been.
how much more busy the month of may is going to be.
how overwhelmed and on edge being this busy is making me.
or how i can’t help but see life through these green-colored glasses i’m wearing. every. single. day.

ugh. nausea. central.

okay. i’m done complaining. i don’t care to elaborate, because i’m desperately aware at how unnecessary my whining drivel is. and painfully aware at how little anyone cares to read it. but for those of you who were wondering where i went, well, since my 5 day workation (a whole lot more work than -cation), i’ve been pretty behind on life and my ever-increasing responsibilities and endeavors beyond motherhood and wifehood.
and since i’m not a big fan of having to actually participate in life in my current condition, well, i was simply trying to avoid what i’m doing this very minute, which is being a yuckface whinerhead.
which is almost as gross as how i feel EVERY day.
(okay, now i’m really done.)
onwards and upwards, right?!

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  1. Jessi

    I care. and I hear you.

    I don't want to blog about
    how tired i am.
    how scared i am to leave my kids on one side of the continent while i go to the other.
    how nasty my hair is
    and i think thats it.

  2. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    oh sweetie. saying a prayer for you. try to get some rest. it will get better.

  3. danielle

    i hear ya! i've been uber crank city all week. it happens.