the verdict

Apr 5, 2010 by

at long last.

the wait…is over.

this ultrasound concludes that there is one, i repeat, one teeny tiny baby in utero. or maybe it’s a gummy bear, like dave proposed after we did our best to make heads and tails of the little guy :)
so as much as twins would be something else, i have to admit i’m a little relieved. even in my dreams breastfeeding two kids is pretty tricky. the doctor sort of looked at me funny when i said i thought my belly was big and to be on the look out for babies floating around everywhere. she said “well, it’s your third, so…”
maybe she gets that a lot?
so i guess this is what my belly does at 2 months the third time around. truth is, my belly has never had much of a place to hide.
and neither do all the tacos and bacon cheeseburgers i keep eating to will away my nausea :)

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1 Comment

  1. Leigh

    1 beautiful tiny precious baby! now time to guess the gender right?