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this is the kind of day i had yesterday. not pretty.
ugh. is it just me, or do kids like to misbehave more when you’re really having a productive day? i feel like they sense that you’re on a roll, getting a lot done, and they like to sabotage it. no?
i spent the entire (literally. entire.) day monday lying on the couch watching the food network feeling like death. (thank you baby 3. don’t think i won’t remember this time.) is it just me or is the food network addicting? even for a girl like me who wanted to barf all day because every smell was obnoxiously nauseating, the food network was still an okay choice for television. not a lot of logic there. but it’s true.
i was up early at 7 with piper, and i went full blast all day. 6 loads of laundry (note: save electricity: hang them on the line. great idea. until you bring the clothes inside and theres about a bazillion inchworms all over the place. g-ross). dinner prep. emails. lots of cleaning. birthday party planning. oh, and packing our life up real quick. dave and i are taking a sort of vacation…to work? hmmm. well, we’re watching my bosses kids while they’re away for 4 days sowe’re moving in to their beautiful home to take on 2 more kids. (this is going to make or break dave’s idea that 4 is a good idea. we’ll see what he think after having an 8, 7, 4, and 1.5 year old for 4 days. lol.)
after a day of being ignored, followed by a day like today, i think e & p are ready for a little mom and dad saturation. some focused playtime and attention. i think i’m ready, too. i’ve got another new book (yay!), a clean-ish home, bathed children, and a sorta packed up life.
i say bring it on! i’m ready for a workation!

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  1. WitchyEditor

    Just bought this one myself.

  2. emmy.

    Food Network and HGTV are very addicting for me. I won't even eat 99.9% of the things showcased, nor venture to accomplish 99.9% of the home renovations but I still enjoy watching.

    Let me know how you like Committed. I want to get it, but I'm nervous! I loved "Eat Pray Love" so much, I don't know if another can live up to it…