the real diehl

May 8, 2010 by

i know, i know. i couldn’t help myself with the homophone. it’s just true: john diehl is the real deal.

i asked johnny if he’s mind if i spotlighted him on my blog in light of his very own art gallery opening celebration tonight. at 28 years old. right?! yeah…it’s like that.

i’ve always been a big fan of johns and have followed his art career for almost a decade, from when he used to sketch me in college (i was more than happy to be his muse), to when he studied at RISD and then in florence, italy. i told him the other day that i was proud of him, and not in a mothering or patronizing way, but in a friendly, awe-inspired, impressed, and amazed kind of way. and i am, because God has gifted him immoderately, and that is something to celebrate.

so tonight, along with droves of others, will be spending the evening with a wine glass to say “salut!” a very talented artist. want to see for yourself? check out his website or his blog or his facebook page. see what i’m talking about. and if you’re local, you should come check out all of the amazing pieces adorning the walls of mr. diehl’s very own art gallery (if you’re not already, all you wbhs alums) :) and if you’re not local, you should go shopping online and get yourself an original for that empty space above the couch.

see you there!

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