spring scrub and grub!

May 14, 2010 by

well, in case you live under a rock, i’ve been planning a fundraiser for new hope over the past few weeks (hence my MIA status).
and guess what?!
the big day is tomorrow! join us for the
new hope spring 2010 scrub and grub!

we’re offering a free car wash and $5 car vacuuming services. what’s better? while you wait, you can head over to our outdoor cafe, grab a pastry and a cup of coffee, and listen to some music.

i mean, does it GET any better than that?!
(answer: no.)

and hey, bring the kids- they can play sidewalk chalk and blow bubbles while we wash and vacuum your car and you sip your coffee.

do you want to know how to find this utopia??

i’ll tell you. find the intersection of rt. 138 and rt. 106 in south easton, and new hope is a stone throw from there. we’ll be at 6 meadowhill court from 9 to 3 tomorrow (saturday, may 15) anxiously awaiting your arrival. and the arrival of all your friends. and family.

don’t miss it! (no really- DON’T miss it!)

more info on boston.com and on craigslist or on new hope’s website :)

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