you need this.

May 11, 2010 by

this is not a matter of wanting.
this is a matter of life or death.
of necessity.

you need this.

what is this, you ask? it is the is9100 by rowenta.
it is the end of ironing, the end of wrinkly, the end of wasting time.

this, my friends, is your new best friend.
a garment steamer.

i have spent the day with my new love, steaming wrinkles out of every dress that i hang to dry, every one of my husbands shirts, every one of piper’s dresses, and every polo shirt elias owns.

what would have taken me days and days, hours and hours, relentlessly ironing wrinkles out of (and then back into) clothes takes mere minutes. I can iron all our wardrobes in the span of laundry day, and be left with nothing to press, nothing wrinkly, nothing i can’t wear unless i bust out the gigantic squealing ironing board and heavy as all heck iron.

(wait- this is sounding like an infomercial. maybe that’s my true calling…)

listen. i LOVE this thing. because frankly, i HATE ironing, but i like our clothes to look pressed and wrinkle free. which means…well, we never have any clothes to wear because i hate pulling out the iron. abhor. almost as much as the grocery store.

my boss has this steamer, and i’ll admit, i was covetous because of how amazing it was. i went and bought the travel version, but it’s just that- it’s a travel version, not a “do your whole wardrobe version.” so i starting scoping it out (since i wasn’t going to by it at bloomingdales for over $200…that’s a little over budget). i had a store credit to bed, bath, & beyond, and a 20% off coupon that was looking promising. after a couple phone calls and some research, i scored an is9100 for $104.

you heard me. $104.

dave said he was almost proud of me for using some of the extra money i’ve earned over the past month on myself. he said the steamer didn’t quite qualify as a gift just for me, but knowing me as he does, and seeing me dance around when no one was looking, he saw that it did in fact bring me delight/joy/rapture/etc., so he was satisfied.

so if you hate ironing, and you have a little room for this bad boy, start wheeling and dealing and get yourself an is9100. (here, let me help you. i found it at with free shipping.

(and rowenta, you can go ahead and get the check in the mail.)

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  1. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    nice:) i bought a floor steamer that i also love, but i desperately wish it was multipurpose and did surfaces and garments, too.

    i don't really iron. i just don't wear clothes that require it!

  2. erin

    girl! i feel the same way about ironing and i have always wondered about steamers. the Tobi infomercial had me hankering for one but you just can never trust infomercials. also, it can probably steam drapes and bedspreads and couches too, right? i love product reviews, so thank you. :)

  3. michelle

    funny! i think my brother bought the one in the infomercial. he couldn't figure out how to use it and it sits in a corner at my moms. lol.
    this can steam anything, i'm sure. i did some sheets real quick and a couple pillow cases (i had let them sit in a laundry basket for 2 weeks, so there was no way those wrinkles were coming out on a wrinkle release cycle in the dryer!)

    tell you what- it worked BETTER than an iron. no joke.

    (i'm obsessed. it's official.)

  4. Jeffrey

    I once had a similiar steamer, it was great, but I sold it to an illegal immigrant in Rawlins Wyoming :( Now I am sad. Lesson learned: Dont sell things you like to illegal immigrants. -Jeff