dive right in

Jul 1, 2010 by

dive right in

that’s what they say right? 

don’t just walk around the pool, thinking about how cold it might be.
don’t wade in slowly, waiting for just the right time.

just dive right in.


i miss you, blogging, and to my readers, i miss you, too :)
summer is busy, huh? want to know what i’m doing today?

here it is: (get excited. you’ll need to. my life isn’t that exciting…)

yard work. what a great day for yard work. i’m thinking i’ll weed the garden, water it, then weed the driveway, and then water the grass and flowers and the transplanted shrubs. so they don’t die. because i transplant things like it’s my job.

make lunch.

put piper down for a nap (in her new big girl bed! yes, pics to come ams). she has teeth coming in and a little smoker’s cough (which makes her tiny voice even more adorable). maybe i’ll take a nap myself. apparently, staying up WAY too late is so hot right now. but my head hurts. i need more sleep.

get up. finish laundry.

go through heaping piles on desk.

make to-do list (now that i’ve discovered how many things i’ve been ignoring for weeks on end)

unload dishwasher, do pots and pans. i wish i cooked everything in throw away containers JUST so there wouldn’t always be piles of pots and pans.

grill up the chicken for dinner (i’m making chicken caesar salad.).

discipleship with lindsey. she’s bringing me iced coffee. what more do i need to get me through the day?!

then maybe a show with dbs and bed early? i’ve been addicted to bravo reality television, namely top chef and the next great artist. and last comic standing. i’m also at the end of a really good book, so maybe i’ll finish that tonight.

that’s my plan.

so what are you doing today? anything good?

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  1. T-odd

    no ma'am. nothing good. got an ultimate game later in the day and i need to hit the gym soon. i feel like i'm wasting away. so you're prego again, huh? you religious folk sure can procreate at an amazing rate. sounds like everything's goin well. enjoy the weather

  2. michelle

    hahaha, t-odd. anyone can procreate at alarming speeds :) i'm just trying to get four in before 30, ya know?!
    so tell me more about the pretty blonde in your facebook pictures, eh?

  3. Yelling Pigeon!

    do u really want 4 kids? i dont even think i could handle 2 atatime?! eeek – i'm still a newbie i guess!

  4. michelle

    well, i can't imagine 4 being easy or anything- that would be nieve and, well…lying. but they become self-sufficient in a lot of ways by 2 or so, and it gets a little easier. so as long as they're not all super-close in age, i think it will be a healthy insanity that i love even more than hate :)

    newborns require a lot, so don't worry- NO new mom considers more children when they're caring for an itty bitty! multiple newborns, however? now THAT would kill me.