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Jul 17, 2010 by

let’s be frank: i think i might need one of these
today: was 95 degrees and humid
and: i am almost 6 months pregnant
with: poison ivy on my arm…and hand…and face (spreading, in the heat, as it does)
and? i decided to have a yard sale today.

which was a great success, thanks to our friends cody and nickey.
who are awesome, and occupied our children allllll day.

and i don’t always recognize that i overexert or overextend, but yesterday setting up (with the help of nickey, thank goodness) and today being out for 8 hours, setting up, pricing, peddling wares, cleaning up, and re-orging the garage…i actually realized that i AM in fact, a little crazy.

it’s good that at least i know i have a problem…right?

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  1. Yelling Pigeon!

    OMG! I had WICKED poison ivy when I was preggers – all over my face, arms, legs, feet, OMG! So frickin' itchy and horrible . . . I used EVERYTHING! Technu, Calamine Lotion, Anti itch everything, SALT baths!, and even a home remedy of banana peels to lessen reddening! Good luck!