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Jul 12, 2010 by

wait- is piper really turning 2 on friday?!

and am i really 5 1/2 months pregnant?!

and have i seriously only blogged 8 times since the beginning of may?!

and did i really just consider writing back-dated blogs?! (yes. i did. and i really just may, so watch out.)

blogging is a funny thing, and i honestly do blog as much for myself as i do for family, friends, and the occasional random person. i want to remember this crazy time in life, because i already don’t know what exactly has absorbed my time since may.

so i’m going to recount our busy lazy days of summer.
where we’ve been, and what we’ve been doing.
right now.
before i forget.

let’s start with baby. as you know,

which we recently discovered at one of my innumerable appointments at BIDMC in boston. YAY! is it november yet??

and then there was eli’s 4th birthday party (i owe him a birthday post, and like i said, don’t think i won’t back date one)

of course, he chose a star wars theme, and we spent a very warm and sunny afternoon with all of eli’s favorite (and my favorite) people, swinging light sabers at darth vader’s pinata head and having squirt gun fights. WAY fun.

then there’s our couple’s group every other friday, filled with the best people ever, where we get to talk about our marriages and books like this one, which is the one i’m trying my best not to ruin over the next few weeks

and there’s the moms group, which i try to organize meetings for twice a month. moms need other moms. these get togethers are good for the soul, for serious. you want to come? hit me up!

and there was our trip to florida. which was so so SO fabulous. and even relaxing. and beautiful, and exactly what our little family needed. we got to celebrate dave’s grandmas birthday, and elias and piper were especially ecstatic to see dave’s “cussins”

happy 90th birthday grandma skip!

and then there are fun days out to places like the artesani water park in brighton with our friends, the bazdars. this place is awesome. you should go.

and trips to the beach with some of my kids’ very favorite people (and my favorite people)

and parties! graduation parties, welcome home parties, tons of birthday parties…man, we’ve been partying like it’s 1999.

and in between we’ve painted our skin blue like avatars

and done a fair amount of swimming in nana and gp’s pool with family

and made as many spontaneous trips to the beach as possible. like dennisport last week to see the shea’s. oh, how we LOVE the beach.

and when we’re not planning fundraisers, or hosting small groups, or enjoying time with friends, doing play dates and spending time with family and as a family, or doing house projects (more on that soon)?

well, we’re goofing off.
because that’s what this mom likes to do in those stolen moments.

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  1. WitchyEditor

    A boy!! I didn't know. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

  2. michelle

    thanks, andrea! yay for boys!