my big girl

Sep 3, 2010 by

my big girl

i’m realizing more & more that i have to document piper & i’s little conversations because they’re really too adorable sometimes.

me: (laying on couch)
enter: piper, who proceeds to climb up and lay on top of me
piper: “you ressin, mum?” (resting)
me: (umm, i was until you started climbing all over me) “yes, mummy’s resting”
piper: “you back is hurtin you?”
me: (laughing) “uh, yes, love, my back is hurting me today” (hilarious. i guess i complain enough about my back that my kids know what’s up?)
piper: “oh. otay. you have dis rock? dis eli’s rock? you feel all betta?”
me: (extending hand, assuming those were rhetorical questions) “thank you, piper. that’s very sweet.” (giving me your brothers special rock to comfort me…awww)

:) i love this girl.
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  1. Pete

    Art Linkletter made a living off of what children say. That really was a gift. Thanks for sharing.