there’s always tomorrow

Sep 13, 2010 by

there’s always tomorrow
i need a morning sitting at this desk.
i want a morning to play dollhouse with pippa.
to lounge around since the house is clean, and the laundry is done, and elias is at preschool.
maybe do some puzzles, or dress some dollies, and have a little mama/pippa time.
what will happen?
i’ll sit here and try to knock out a few things real fast, like the email i need to draft for mom’s group, and the phone calls to switch doctor’s appointments and make other doctor’s appointments, or filing these piles, opening the mail, and transferring my life into my new planner (see below. i LOVE it.).
piper will climb all over me until i want to scream.
and i’ll be forced out of productive mode and into play mode.
(in the time it’s taken me to write this, she’s climbed up and down 15 times. as i type these very words, she’s playing doctor (? i think), holding me my the eyelashes and sticking a magnifying glass into my eyeball, saying “i yook into you’s eyelashes?”
why not put off until tomorrow…what you’ve put off until tomorrow for over a week… 


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