Feb 19, 2010 by

preschool. whoa. i have to say that i’m really not quite ready to let my little guy grow up. i’m sort of avoiding...

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eli’s quote of the day

Feb 18, 2010 by

it’s early, but eli’s one liners wait for no one. i had told elias that i’d consider letting him watch one more show...

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what are these big things?

Feb 8, 2010 by

i am brimming with things to write. overflowing. and yet i still am struggling to find time to blog amidst the 12 hours missing from...

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grease monkey

Sep 22, 2009 by

this story is a perfect example of why mothers don’t have extra time. bear with me… after our play date with lee, cadie,...

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i smell good

Sep 14, 2009 by

i walked into eli’s room tonight to tuck him in and say goodnight, per the usual after dave reads him a story. he’s at the...

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tea time…or pee time?

Sep 8, 2009 by

so i’m cleaning the toy room the other night and i’m looking for these magnets that go to something i wanted to hang in...

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lovin and a huggin and a walki...

Aug 13, 2009 by

as much as i find myself speaking to elias for not being careful or gentle enough, and pippa for being in eli’s personal space...

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i know you seen me on the vide...

Jun 27, 2009 by

since i can’t get blogger to upload videos for some reason (blast you, blogger!), i’m uploading them onto facebook. if...

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"gotcha last"

Jun 16, 2009 by

so this morning, as i made my tea and waited for the clothes in the dryer to fluff, elias wanted to play chase. so we run around for a...

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early bird & crazy fish

May 21, 2009 by

it’s currently 6:32 am and i have been awake for nearly an hour, compliments of my chipper early bird, piper glory, who’s...

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eli’s birthday party

May 14, 2009 by

so it’s been a mellow birthday day for elias. pretty much like any day, except he did get to ride on GP’s lawnmower today,...

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picture post: march

Mar 25, 2009 by

eli’s whipped cream mustache miss piper, smiley girl playing paino, just like dada with her my little pony hanging on the bed...

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how soon we forget…

Mar 24, 2009 by

i think, after about 5 days, that i am finally climbing out of the dark hole called sickness, with elias and piper not too far behind....

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boogers, earwax, and eyelashes

Mar 4, 2009 by

the thing i love about children is they are in so many ways mirrors of their parents. our speech, our bad habits, our unkind...

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the darnedest things

Mar 3, 2009 by

my silly goose and my sweet boy elias has really been killing me with some of his expressions lately. killing me. from the way he...

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picture post

Feb 19, 2009 by

i have SO many pictures. i am totally a photographers daughter, i guess. growing up there was always a camera following me around...

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eli’s room

Feb 12, 2009 by

hooray! it’s finally finished! well…it was. until i smashed a huge hole through piper’s wall into eli’s...

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my boy-boy

Jan 26, 2009 by

this post is for all of you who have told me how much you enjoy the posts about elias saying the darnedest things. enjoy :) this...

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my crazy boy

Jan 20, 2009 by

my boy is getting so big. SO fast. i have to share some photos of him, because he’s just killing me these days with his antics....

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hit me baby one more time

Jan 6, 2009 by

(haha. sorry. i couldn’t help myself. finding a title is hard.) but wow. i feel so inspired! fact is, i was totally having...

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