where my kids at?

Aug 9, 2010 by

my friend nickey sent this link to me today and i almost peed my pants. i’m suddenly rethinking this whole car thing– i...

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straight up

Jul 17, 2010 by

let’s be frank: i think i might need one of these today: was 95 degrees and humidand: i am almost 6 months pregnantwith: poison...

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Apr 21, 2010 by

yeah. this is the kind of day i had yesterday. not pretty.ugh. is it just me, or do kids like to misbehave more when you’re...

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the short list

Apr 13, 2010 by

well, a baby name blog has been requested by a couple of you over the past weeks, and let’s be honest: i like to give the people...

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when the writing on the floor ...

Apr 8, 2010 by

i was sitting here at my desk this morning thinking, “hmm. i really don’t have any good ideas for a blog today.”...

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methods to our madness

Mar 30, 2010 by

as elias has gotten older, and in turn, more mature (as well as at times, rather difficult), i’ve been scouting out a good way...

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bag lady

Mar 26, 2010 by

at the end of may, the 4.2 of us will be traveling to florida to celebrate dave’s grandma’s 90th birthday. SO exciting....

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that’s cool…right?

Mar 25, 2010 by

so maybe i did sleep longer than piper this afternoon.   while elias read a book about sports champions and changed his outfit...

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Feb 19, 2010 by

preschool. whoa. i have to say that i’m really not quite ready to let my little guy grow up. i’m sort of avoiding...

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grease monkey

Sep 22, 2009 by

this story is a perfect example of why mothers don’t have extra time. bear with me… after our play date with lee, cadie,...

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tea time…or pee time?

Sep 8, 2009 by

so i’m cleaning the toy room the other night and i’m looking for these magnets that go to something i wanted to hang in...

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"talk about it, mom!"...

Aug 18, 2009 by

elias says this phrase all the time that kills me: he’s always saying “talk about it…”he uses it a couple...

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updates, edition 3: our vacati...

Jun 18, 2009 by

dave and i differ on this point, actually, but i don’t believe that you can “vacation” with children. if...

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Jun 17, 2009 by

today i realized, not for the first time, however, that i am habitually and characteristically overzealous about “do-ing”...

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"gotcha last"

Jun 16, 2009 by

so this morning, as i made my tea and waited for the clothes in the dryer to fluff, elias wanted to play chase. so we run around for a...

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my preliminary findings

Apr 8, 2009 by

i don’t know what it is with me today. i’m all hyper, and giddy, and chipper, and productive, and patient, and positive,...

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picture post: march

Mar 25, 2009 by

eli’s whipped cream mustache miss piper, smiley girl playing paino, just like dada with her my little pony hanging on the bed...

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how soon we forget…

Mar 24, 2009 by

i think, after about 5 days, that i am finally climbing out of the dark hole called sickness, with elias and piper not too far behind....

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thought for the day

Mar 13, 2009 by

today i just feel really really blessed to have happy, healthy children. i just can’t even for one moment take it for granted...

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boogers, earwax, and eyelashes

Mar 4, 2009 by

the thing i love about children is they are in so many ways mirrors of their parents. our speech, our bad habits, our unkind...

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the darnedest things

Mar 3, 2009 by

my silly goose and my sweet boy elias has really been killing me with some of his expressions lately. killing me. from the way he...

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the madness.

Feb 27, 2009 by

you all know about the madness, right? the kind of times in life where you turn around and it’s been an entire week? and you...

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my sanctuary

Feb 17, 2009 by

here i go. this is my first attempt to look on the bright side in the midst of “one of those days”. these are the things...

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Feb 13, 2009 by

question of the day: what is WITH our obsession as a culture with productivity? why are we all so bent on making the most of every...

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