there’s always tomorrow

Sep 13, 2010 by

i need a morning sitting at this desk. i want a morning to play dollhouse with pippa. to lounge around since the house is clean, and...

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god willin and the creek don&#...

Aug 17, 2010 by

i have two hours. two hours until i escape from the nuthouse and head into boston to see ray lamontagne and david gray at the bank of...

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where my kids at?

Aug 9, 2010 by

my friend nickey sent this link to me today and i almost peed my pants. i’m suddenly rethinking this whole car thing– i...

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Don’t say no one ever to...

Jul 9, 2010 by

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the book Committed (a follow-up of sorts to the ever-popular...

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tired much?

May 7, 2010 by

last night, after dinner, per my usual, i had to lay down on the couch and take 5. for some reason, after i eat any meal, i feel far...

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photo booth

Mar 16, 2010 by

me and the kids went to the mall the other day (and every time i get home, i think to myself, “why? why did i ever do...

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the catch up poem

Oct 8, 2009 by

(humor me) to try to catch you up to speed-well, that would take a century‘what’s going on?’you might ask.i’ll...

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look familiar?

Sep 14, 2009 by

1. my house is not always clean (the fact that i have to even say that indicates that i may have some issues) 2. however, when it is...

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work it, mama

Aug 27, 2009 by

okay- so i’m not dead. dead tired? yes. but not dead. as you all know i started a new job working part time for a family i...

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Jun 17, 2009 by

today i realized, not for the first time, however, that i am habitually and characteristically overzealous about “do-ing”...

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updates, edition 1: cutie pato...

Jun 11, 2009 by

edition 1: cutie patooties let’s begin the updates with my favorites- bird (pip) and fish (elias). they’re both doing...

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early bird & crazy fish

May 21, 2009 by

it’s currently 6:32 am and i have been awake for nearly an hour, compliments of my chipper early bird, piper glory, who’s...

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the thing about spring

Apr 21, 2009 by

you see, the thing about spring is that nice weather lures me into the outdoors. i live for being outside. i love the sun, i love...

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my baby girl

Apr 16, 2009 by

in the past couple weeks, i’ve come to the realization that my baby girl is not really a baby anymore. she’s...

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thought for the day

Mar 13, 2009 by

today i just feel really really blessed to have happy, healthy children. i just can’t even for one moment take it for granted...

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something to chew on

Mar 11, 2009 by

for the past month or so, dave and i have been reading the cost of discipleship by dietrich bonhoeffer together each night after...

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the madness.

Feb 27, 2009 by

you all know about the madness, right? the kind of times in life where you turn around and it’s been an entire week? and you...

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my sanctuary

Feb 17, 2009 by

here i go. this is my first attempt to look on the bright side in the midst of “one of those days”. these are the things...

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Feb 13, 2009 by

question of the day: what is WITH our obsession as a culture with productivity? why are we all so bent on making the most of every...

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my sweet boy

Dec 12, 2008 by

why being a mom is great/joyful/fun/hilarious/adorable: – moments like the one i just had where elias (2.5) said to me...

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why re:defined?

Dec 10, 2008 by

it’s hard to find a good name for a blog. you want it to mean something. i love when something has a good meaning. once upon a...

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